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Read Yazidi! comic online

Yazidi! Comic

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Name: Yazidi!
Alternate Name: Yazidi! 2023
Year of Release: 2023
Status: Completed
Author: Aurélien Ducoudray
Genre: Slice of Life
Views: 338
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Read Yazidi! Comic Online

Yazidism is a peaceful religion that has existed almost since the dawn of time. Today, Yazidis in Iraq are one of ISIL''s primary targets. In Yazidi!, Aurélien Ducoudray and Mini Ludvin tell the story of a strong-willed girl and her family during the 2014 Yazidi genocide. It is a tale of fear, oppression, grit, determination, sheer luck, and a whole lot of hope. Stories from the real world don''t often have happy endings, but Zéré strives to make one for herself.

Yazidi! Chapter (Issue) List
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