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Read Venom Epic Collection comic online

Venom Epic Collection Comic

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Name: Venom Epic Collection
Alternate Name: Venom Epic Collection 2020
Year of Release: 2020
Status: Completed
Author: Tom DeFalco
Genre: Superhero, Marvel
Views: 6,835
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Read Venom Epic Collection Comic Online

Venom goes Epic! When Spider-Man learns that his black costume is secretly an alien symbiote, he rejects the suit — and the spurned creature soon finds a new host! Disgraced reporter Eddie Brock has reasons of his own to hate Spider-Man, and together the two merge into the twisted engine of revenge known as Venom —and a rivalry for the ages begins! Venom has the same powers as Spider-Man — but he''s bigger, stronger and doesn''t trigger his spider-sense. And he knows Spidey''s secret identity! Against such a dangerous, determined and deadly foe, how far will Spider-Man have to go to survive?

Venom Epic Collection Chapter (Issue) List