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Read The Lords of Misrule comic online

The Lords of Misrule Comic

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Name: The Lords of Misrule
Alternate Name: The Lords of Misrule 1997
Year of Release: 1997
Status: Completed
Author: Various
Genre: Adventure
Views: 7,737
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Read The Lords of Misrule Comic Online

In a remote village called Callow, urban legends are becoming a chilling reality. A thread of murder and insanity runs through the history of the town, repeatedly intersecting in the life of Jack Goodfellow, Callow''s native son. When horror invades his life yet again, Jack travels to Callow to discover if old tales of dark gods invading our world are more than fantasy. Guided by the psychotic ravings -- possibly predictions -- of his homicidal brother, Goodfellow must find the truth before more people meet their deaths.

The Lords of Misrule Chapter (Issue) List