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Read The Light Brigade comic online

The Light Brigade Comic

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Name: The Light Brigade
Alternate Name: Light Brigade
Year of Release: 2004
Status: Completed
Author: Peter J. Tomasi
Genre: Horror, DC Comics
Views: 3,379
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Read The Light Brigade Comic Online

Still reeling from the horrors of World War II, Chris Stavros,an American soldier,has one goal: getting home safely to care for his son after learning his wife has died. But in the midst of battle and trying to stay alive, he finds the stakes raised, as heavenly warriors emerge from the skies,and an impossible task is given to Stavros''s platoon: recover the lost Sword of God before a troop of arcane, unkillable German soldiers locate it and storm heaven''s gate! These American soldiers, this Light Brigade, will begin a supernatural crusade that will determine the fate of the world... one bullet and one soul at a time!

The Light Brigade Chapter (Issue) List