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Read Republic of the Skull comic online

Republic of the Skull Comic

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Name: Republic of the Skull
Alternate Name: Republic of the Skull 2022
Year of Release: 2022
Status: Completed
Author: Brugeas Vincent
Genre: Historical
Views: 3,153
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Read Republic of the Skull Comic Online

The dashing Captain Sylla plies the Caribbean with his close-knit crew: The Marquis, a former slave who sports a powdered periwig; the clever, craggy-faced Dutch; the burly, bearded Lenoir; and first mate Olivier, given to gloom and considered a bringer of bad luck. This is likely because he spends his time composing log entries addressed to a fictive British Commodore who will someday capture them. But perhaps he is the only clear-eyed one among them: luckless outcasts of imperial navies, these pirates'' days of freedom and fraternity are numbered, as the forces of law, order, and capital bear down on them.

Republic of the Skull Chapter (Issue) List