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Read Plastic Man (1988) comic online

Plastic Man (1988) Comic

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Name: Plastic Man (1988)
Alternate Name: Plastic Man (1988) 1989
Year of Release: 1989
Status: Completed
Author: Phil Foglio
Genre: Superhero, DC Comics
Views: 8,113
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Read Plastic Man (1988) Comic Online

He was the original stretchable superhero of the 1940s, and now PLASTIC MAN is back in an all-new, all-zany four-issue miniseries. How zany is it? Take the stretchable power of the really long arm of the law, add to it his amazing ability to assume any shape under the sun, throw in a liberal dose of sidekick Woozy Winks and some of the wackiest bad guys in town, shake it all up with the creative talents of some of the best that comics has to offer—then double that and you''ll have some idea of what to expect in the pages of the PLASTIC MAN miniseries. But wacky isn''t all you''ll find in PLASTIC MAN. There''s also slam-bang action, adventure and pathos—all courtesy of writer Phil Foglio, penciller Hilary Barta and inker John Nyberg, not to mention plot and layout assistance from artist Doug Rice, or a series of “reality checks” provided by artist Kevin Nowlan. What''s a “reality check”? Well, it''s a way of injecting a little bit of the real world into the skewed reality of the realm inhabited by PLASTIC MAN, his friends and foes. PLASTIC MAN—you will believe a man can ply.

Plastic Man (1988) Chapter (Issue) List