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Read Flash Gordon (1988) comic online

Flash Gordon (1988) Comic

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Name: Flash Gordon (1988)
Alternate Name: Flash Gordon (1988) 1989
Year of Release: 1989
Status: Completed
Author: Dan Jurgens
Genre: Adventure, DC Comics
Views: 11,844
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Read Flash Gordon (1988) Comic Online

Along with his intrepid companions, Dale Arden and the brilliant Dr. Zarkov, Flash Gordon is off on his most deadly mission...an epic science fiction adventure in the boldest and best tradition of the genre. The deadly menace of Ming the Merciless, the cruel, murderous master of the alien world Mongo, casts his evil shadow across the universe. And only one man can halt the spread of his incomparable lust for dominance. That one man is Flash Gordon.

Flash Gordon (1988) Chapter (Issue) List