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Read Captain Marvel (1968) comic online

Captain Marvel (1968) Comic

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Name: Captain Marvel (1968)
Alternate Name: Captain Marvel (1968) 1979
Year of Release: 1979
Status: Completed
Author: Roy Thomas
Genre: Superhero, Marvel
Views: 111,360
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Read Captain Marvel (1968) Comic Online

A Kree Sentry heads for the nuclear warheads at The Cape missile base. Captain Mar-Vell announces his Kree military rank but Sentry #459 doesn''t stand down as it is programmed to destroy anything that blocks its mission. Mar-Vell blasts the Sentry with his Uni-Beam and the giant retaliates. Mar-Vell escapes using his jet belt but doesn''t fly too far in case the android turns its attention to nearby troops. A soldier overhears the Man of Kree call himself Captain “Marvel” and thus it becomes his heroic name. Mar-Vell increases the intensity of his Uni-Beam and the blast makes the Sentry''s outer shell break apart...

Captain Marvel (1968) Chapter (Issue) List