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Read Andrew Vachss' Underground comic online

Andrew Vachss' Underground Comic

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Name: Andrew Vachss' Underground
Alternate Name: Andrew Vachss' Underground 1994
Year of Release: 1994
Status: Completed
Author: Neal Barrett Jr.
Genre: Crime
Views: 5,866
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Read Andrew Vachss' Underground Comic Online

Dark Horse and Andrew Vachss took readers into the depths of the human soul with Hard Looks; now we take you into the bowels of the earth with Andrew Vachss'' Underground, a new bimonthly anthology, exploring a world after The Terror. A world of darkness, tunnels, and danger, where the remnants of mankind hold on to what''s left of humanity. Underground is a mix of illustrated fiction and comics, with a new story by Andrew Vachss in each issue. Other writers and artists are also exploring new terrain in the tunnels. Come see what they discover! This issue features: Bum''s Rush by Andrew Vachss (Hard Looks), Pooch by Phil Hester (Freaks'' Amour), Potions by Isolde by Diane Patterson, There Is No Dog by John Bergin (Hard Looks, From Inside), Family by Steve Rasnic Tem, My Job by Carol Swain (Way Out Strips), and `Way Down by Bill Crider.

Andrew Vachss' Underground Chapter (Issue) List